Logo Redesign for Google’s Spouse Network Zürich

The Spoogler Network is Google’s spousal support network. The Zürich location has the most active and involved branch. hosting regular activities to help with integration, career support, and community building. The Zürich Spoogler group is run entirely by dedicated volunteers.

I worked with another designer, Alison Light, for part of this project. In making the logo, we had a few problems to solve. We wanted a logo that was finely crafted, clean and professional to reflect and legitimise the hard work the core members put into the program. We also wanted to distract from the unusual name, which we found people stumbled over. The logo needed to be friendly and inviting to newcomers, and speak to the group’s core mission : to support and welcome spouses of all different backgrounds who had followed their partners to Switzerland.

The logo also needed a system that could be extended worldwide to other Spoogler groups if they wanted to use it, and that could identify the different subgroups within the Zürich network. The system we created uses the three letter codes that Google uses internally for the different offices. For the subgroups in Zürich, we developed a colour coded system identifying the different types of activities offered and created a unique logo for each group or activity. The result is a flexible logo system that can be expanded within each geographical region and used internationally.


Logo in Red.jpg

tech talk logo rgb (for digital - white).jpg
french conversation logo rgb (for digital - white).jpg
newsletter logo rgb (for digital - white).jpg
parents logo rgb (for digital - white).jpg
zurich logo rgb (for digital - white).jpg
professional network logo rgb (for digital - white).jpg