lauren donohue

I am a graphic designer and illustrator living in Zurich, Switzerland. I've lived in many places around the world but I'm originally from American Samoa and Oregon. 

Cumulatively, I have studied art and design for nine years. After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography, I went back to school a few years later to study Graphic Design. I am continually grateful for all that my fine art training gave me, but upon graduating, I realised that I wanted to make art accessible to everyone, not just people who frequent galleries and museums. Because I went to traditional art school before design school, I have a rich toolbox of fine craft skills to draw from in my work (rather than relying on stock images and templates), and value critique and conceptual thinking in my process. I’m an especially hard worker, take a lot of pride in my work, and value timely turnarounds. 

My work history includes a wide spectrum of projects - including branding, marketing collateral, editorial design, packaging, social media campaigns and even powerpoint presentations. I worked in house as a designer for 3.5 years and when we moved to Zurich I began freelancing.  Before becoming a designer, I ran my own marketing business as a Brand Ambassador for some of the largest natural foods brands in the US. This gives me a unique perspective on how customers make choices and interact with brands.